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Trouble in the Jungle: Part Two

Journal Entry: Wed Jul 7, 2010, 3:16 PM
EDIT: Hello everyone! I hope that your event pieces are coming along well! The original intended due date was the 9th, this Friday. But the superiors have decided to push the date back to July 20th! This is due to  the fact that both of us will be out of town at this time. If you've already finished your event piece or do so before the due date, feel free to submit it early!

Thank you all again~

First off, thank you everyone who participated in Part One!  With still so few members, we're happy with the amount of work you've all shown so far. Now, it's time to start the second part of this first event!

Remember your superiors' messages as the start of the event:

Members of the Consortium, this is a message from your Superior, Xylven; I have had the most troubling vision. It appears a nearby world is in danger from not only encroaching darkness of lower Heartless, but now the Syndicate as well. At the moment, all seems calm, but we must hurry to the Pridelands and reach it before the hands of the Syndicate corrupt it.

We are few in number, and their numbers seem greater than our own at this point. But we must do what we can. We will be departing tomorrow morning on Crossroads and setting a course for the desert world. Please, we ask that you join us and take up your arms.

Take care, and be wary. Remember, we will not be the only ones there. Look out for one another, and may we all return home safe.

To all my Syndicate children; It's come to my attention that our domain has not yet reached the deserts of the Pridelands, and this certainly will not do. My scouts have reported that the light there is far too great a quantity, and I believe we should bring some darkness back to their grounds. Don't you all agree?

I know our numbers may seem few, but we needn't numbers to overtake the lands there and bring darkness to this world. We will all march together, and we will shroud this world in beautiful darkness. If there are any pesky Consortium members in the area, I ask that you dispose of them, and please do so quickly. I do not want to hear of my children begging for mercy from these creatures of light. I will personally dispose of any who do.

Safest journies, my children.

For this portion of the event:

-Divide into teams, or work on your own, to submit a well-developed piece (either art related or story related) that shows an interaction with someone from the opposite side. The goal is not to fight full on, unless your character's prefer that, but small skirmishes and/or spying on the other group. Basically, this is your character's first true moment on the battlefield against the opposite side, what will they do?

-Again the preferred method is for you all to work in teams. Not only to get to know each other better, but reduce the stress of a large-scale event piece and working together only strengthens the plot. You may choose to work together in one of the following ways: two or more members from the same side (ie both from the Consortium), two or more members from opposite sides (which would actually be quite helpful), or you can combine teams (for example the two members who teamed up from the Consortium can then team up with two members who were a team from the Syndicate.)

-The idea is to keep characters true to their character as much as possible. That is why we're giving you the option of working with a member or members from the opposite group. What would TRULY happen if your two characters met up? Remember, there is no punishment for those who "lose" and no reward for those who "win". Stay in character, and work together.

-Your group only needs to submit ONE piece between you all. Obviously if you do choose to work in large groups, the finished piece should show that. A single drawing may not convey that the way a comic would, and stories should be well-developed and thoughtful. It is not in your best interest to work alone, but if you chose to, your piece should show much more effort than your part for the first half. Obviously for everyone: no sketches or drabbles. Things should be colored and show the time you put into them! And one piece is all that is required, if you want to submit more to get your ideas across, then by all means do so!

-All pieces should be noted to the club no later than Friday, July 9th which gives you a little over a month to complete this. In the note be sure to list all who worked on and helped with the piece and who did which part.

-Again, if you did not participate in Part One, you cannot take part in this portion of the event! If for some reason you believe you have a reason and still wish to take part, then note us and we'll see what we can do. If the character did not take part in the event, you may not use them in any portion of the event piece.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, don't hesitate to ask!

Below is the list of everyone we got an entry from for the first part:

-Ezio, Consortium, Imr-romantic
-Xylven, Consortium, IITheForbiddenFox
-Lexus, Consortium, VImr-romantic
-Seloria, Consortium, IIItotallymeow
-Hale, Consortium, IXtotallymeow
-Kespix, Consortium, XIPumpkinApprentice431
-Savix, Consortium, IVKyuubi-no-Youko
-Xalexia, Consortium, VCor-Draco
-Cuan, Consortium, VIICor-Draco
-Tempo, Consortium, XIIMistressOrchid

-Xazzu, Syndicate, Imr-romantic
-Six, Syndicate, IITheForbiddenFox
-Nereus, Syndicate, IVmr-romantic
-Perceval, Syndicate, VIIITheForbiddenFox
-Sinta, Syndicate, IIItotallymeow
-Loxuis, Syndicate, XIglitterkunt
-Roxbem, Syndicate, XIIanne-t-cats
-Patrixa, Syndicate, XIVGrandFig
-Daimul, Syndicate, XIIITempestChime
-Drakaina, Syndicate, VCor-Draco
-Adam, Syndicate, VIICor-Draco
-Asuohtna, Syndicate, XMad-Hatter-Of-Dreams

Once you have your teams ready, please sign up below!

Current teams:
Ezio, Xylven, Lexus vs. Xazzu, Six, Perceval, and Nereus- TheForbiddenFox and mr-romantic
Adam, Drakaina and Sinta vs. Cuan, Hale, Seloria, and Xalexia- totallymeow and Cor-Draco

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